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'Deep Drop' Fishing

If you have not yet tried your hand at deep drop fishing, then now is your chance to give it a try.

With our electric reels, fishing the coral, rocks & ledges in 400' to 1000' feet of water is a breeze. This is the least physical type of fishing we have, which makes it great fishing for all ages & experience levels

Trips We offer

Because of the distance we have to travel to get to deep water, Deep-Dropping requires at least a 12 hour trip.

  • Deep-Dropping trips out of both Ft. Morgan, AL and Venice, Louisiana.
  • Deep-Dropping trips for 12 hrs, 15hrs, 18 hrs & Overnight 


Fish We Catch

  • Yellowedge Grouper
  • Snowy Grouper
  • Scamp Grouper
  • Warsaw Grouper
  • Red Porgy
  • Longtail Sea Bass
  • Barrel Fish, Gray Tilefish 
  • Golden tilefish
  • We also occasionally catch Almco Jacks and Amberjacks.
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